Jul 9, 2011

Our first Write Night!

Well what a wonderful night we had at the Beehive on thursday, our first Write Night for a small handful [like, a three fingered ET hand] of writers here along the surf coast.
Our first exercise was to write a poem inspired by Kirstin's eminently saucy teapot called The Queen of Hearts. We had only five minutes to do this, which was quite a challenge for someone like me who a) doesn't write much poetry and b) takes about a year to be happy with a first page. As a result, I received special consideration in the group, and subsequently promised my second-born [first-born was promised already] for an extra two minutes. Check out our write-night blog for the 5 minute poems by Kirstin and Poncho & Petticoat! :)

The Queen's Heart, by Melinda

Early morning blue
tints the royal sheets
The royal dress is buttoned while
the soft blue mountain sleeps

Fifty fingers fluff her collar
so stately and devine
yet, the royal blue nipple
will be his again tonight

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