Jun 18, 2011

Gold to the ground

Autumn trees
are the scorpios of nature
Rich, red, gutsy and
about to bare all

Throwing gold to the ground
like a king rich in cash
and poor in companions

Throwing gold to the ground
like it grows on trees


Anonymous said...

Nice one, Melinda. I thought I should stop by and see what you do. Interesting blog. You're more committed than I am! Best, Sandra.

Melinda Chapman said...

Thanks Sandra, for popping by! I came to the Froth & Bubble Festival in Torquay and really enjoyed your poetry. I must say you have very sharp powers of observation and I find the mental imagery stacks up vividly as I read each of your poems.
I also like the bite of your social commentary. :)
I will enjoy reading more in future!
~ Mel

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