Oct 17, 2012

Twitter's 'Whom' To Follow?

I've stumbled upon a worthy Chrome extension that will have grammar nerds short-circuiting with tears of joy. It's called 'Whom to follow for Twitter' and was created by self-described pedantic, Tom. The extension changes the name of Twitter's Who To Follow feature to...Whom to Follow. I've installed the extension, and here's a screenie:

For the Chrome version, visit here, or google for your version.
And how did I stumble upon such a nifty extension? Because I was looking for one that removed the dang Who To Follow feature that is now the size of a baby shoe for anyone who has created an account with the new Twitter interface. I've recently created a second account, and right now, the biggest thing I can see on this account's home page is a Kardashian head flanked by Bieber and none other than...Kevin Rudd.

The new title of the feature is 'Here are some people you might enjoy following' or words to that effect. If you think that's a stupid-long title, you should see the stupid-wide box it comfortably fits across.
Well, this makes me go as red as a spanked tomato. This is Twitter, not Who Magazine.
As luck would have it, installing Whom To Follow has not only done what it says it does for the old layout, but it's removed the ridiculously large version [and the Kevindashian posse] on the new version altogether!! MWAH HAHAHA!!

We love you, Tom! ;)


Dionne said...

Roflmao! I hear ya Mel. I'm not there to follow celebs. I'm there to interact, not swoon at some moron's feet :) I'm going to check out your recommendation, although I'm useless when it comes to computers, but I'm going to try.

Melinda Chapman said...

It's really easy! I barely touched the install button and -hwoof- it worked with Twitter still open. :)

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