Apr 20, 2012

Hoooray! Turning, my new novella, has been released!

Hi, everyone.
Well, I'm pretty excited lately. After months of revising and a year of working on my novella, I've taken my first step into the self-publishing world. My ebook, Turning, is up on the Amazon Kindle store! Yesterday I got my first review, which was lovely. I don't know the person, but I'm sending a thanks out into the ether!

I'm also being bold and including a quote:
"Besides being an action-packed story, there also was a message about humanity and how easily it can be lost under extreme circumstances."

To my fellow budding writers whom I've met along the way, if you have a story that's begging you to be told, consider taking the journey of self-publishing. And by self-publishing, I don't mean writing words and uploading it as an eBook, I mean consider taking on certain responsibilities of a publisher, including hiring an editor and cover artist, and organising your promotion. Traditional publishers often expect authors to self-promote, anyway.

Working with my editor, Sirra Girl, was the most amazing, altering experience as a newbie writer. I cannot sing it praises enough. The editing process not only transformed my manuscript, it transformed me as a writer. I feel like I've done a course that was tailored to me, and the result is a monumental growth spurt. I write better short stories, I write better blog posts, and much faster! I even spend less time writing an email. I already know that I will save a huge amount of hours in the middle drafts of my next project, too. And we all know how precious time is.

One of the cool things the review said was:
"And unlike many ebooks I've read in the past few months, this book was very nicely written. I'd read another book by this author anytime."

My initial reaction was "OMG! Someone called me an author!" hehehe :) But on a serious note, my book didn't start out as nicely written. I had developed my story and style, but that's not enough to give the reader a worthy experience. On reading the line quoted above, I knew it was the result of many, many hours of learning about my weaknesses and revising, revising, revising. It was the result of hardening up and letting go of pride. It was the result of working alongside a great editor who helped me refine my craft. Why? Because we both wanted what's best for the story and the reader.

I still have a long way to go, but I've taken a big leap in the journey. Perhaps one day I will be traditionally published, perhaps not. And this may be ironic to some, but by self-publishing, I am now far better equipped to present a manuscript, synopsis and query letter deserving of an agent's time than I ever was.

If you would like to check out my ebook, click the cover image on the right, and then the amazon link. If you have any questions, or are thinking of self-publishing and need a place to start, comment below and I can share resources and links. :)