Sep 11, 2011


Okay. I’ve discovered something called ‘mood-editing’. That’s when you are working on a draft, but you happen to be in a particular mindset that day. It sort of infiltrates the pages you’re rewriting, but you might not notice it - until you come back to it a day or so later. That’s when you read it and think, ‘What the frack was I on? What happened to the simple goodness that was there before? Why is this section all amazingly the same in it’s weird level of fracked-upness?’ 

I won’t tell you what kind of mood-editing I was doing the other day, but I will tell you that it was probably a better idea to consciously snap out of it, or leave the manuscript well alone and do something appropriate to that mood. I don’t know… maybe crocheting one of those dollies that sits smugly on a toilet paper roll as if she’s ever-so-efficiently waiting to take a huge crap, would be my best guess.

Have you ever mood-edited? Have I perhaps done it now?


Rain said...

Maybe not mood-editing, but I've definitely done some mindset-editing, where 'mindset' here stands for "a mood you've had for a few days or weeks on end"; the result is basically the same. Other times it's been quite the opposite: I open up an old piece to reread it or to remember the exact phrasing of that wonderful line I half-remember and could use on another piece, and then I go "what the fuck was I on when I wrote this?". At any rate, I know how it feels. I'm sure it is, at least in part, a consequence of being excessively self-critical, which, I think, most writers are.

On an unrelated note, I absolutely love your blog's layout. I feel a strong urge to press command+alt+U and steal all your css. Your profile informatively states that you're a graphic designer, so no surprise there, but just... wow.

Also... Why does everybody think I'm a girl? I might be, or I might not be... but I'm sure I haven't stated it on my blog or on my profile, so why the assumption? =)


/ Rain

Melinda Chapman said...

OMG. You're so right - I used the word 'her'. I had to look it up on Zanni's blog to see for myself as I'm normally aware of these things, as it's common with avatars and I've been assumed to be male many times [with other profiles]. I have heard Rain as a girl's name, so that probably influenced me - sorry about that! :/
It can be a boy's name, but I didn't know until I looked it up. Then of course it can be an avatar using the word rain itself.
I think sometimes people get distracted and make assumptions based on their own experience without consciously thinking. If they were consciously thinking about it, they wouldn't assume - because as you say, there's nothing in your post or blog that says your female.
But the good thing is that you pointed it out, as most people don't like to make these assumptions and would rather someone poked them. :)

As for the css - command+alt+U away! I'm just happy you like the layout and took the time to comment - I appreciate it. :) Let me know if you overhaul your blog, I'd love to see.

Oh, and I know that horrible feeling of opening old work to find a remembered gem, only to be bitterly affronted by what I find. It's even worse when it's an entire short story! I then get the feeling I must hunt down whoever I sent it to at the time and apologise, like it's one of the 12 steps of recovery. ;)

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your insights, Rain.

Rain said...

No apology needed, Melinda. I was just curious because you were the second person to assume I'm a girl in just two or three days. About my name, Rain is not the name my parents gave me --although I wish it were--, but I consider it my real name because it means so much more to me than my given name.

Thanks for letting me use your css. I hardly think I'll make my blog identical to yours, but I might take a few bits of code now that I have your permission. I'll let you know when I do.

The good thing about blogging is that you can always edit your old posts and then go "Who, me? No, I never wrote that! You must have me mistaken!". ;)

/ Rain

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